Split Summer Festival is not only the Festival of attractive drama, opera, music and dancing performances, but also the Festival that awards the best of them traditionally in two categories: music and drama.The awarding of the best achievements started in 1984 at the 3oth Split Summer Festival on the initiative of DANAS, a weekly magazine of that period and The Croatian National Theatre Split. However, the award became famous as the award of SLOBODNA DALMACIJA ( THE FREE DALMATIA), because  that daily paper always covered in the most comprehensive way all the events at Split Summer Festival, and it also gave the biggest number of jury members who decided about the awards. From 1984-1989 the name of the award was MARUL and it was awarded for drama and music programme separately. After a special festival 'Marulić's days' had been organized in 1990, the award changed its name and since 1990 it has been called JUDITH. The author of  'Marul' and 'Judith' statues is Vasko Lipovac, the famous Croatian artist. Another award called PERISTYLE has been introduced since the year 2000, and it is also awarded for drama and music programme by the jury of the weekly magazine JUTARNJI LIST ( THE MORNING PAPER). It evaluates especially research and innovative contributions of young artists and their achievements.

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50th Split Summer Festival

award of Slobodna Dalmacija
( he Free Dalmatia)

Zoja Odak - Anthigone, Queen of Thebes

The lack of tendency of any jury to award the same person twice is well-known. But, the jury of Free Dalmatia obviously had no option: Zoja Odak is for the second time the winner of the Judith prize. The first one she won for the part of Irina Arkadina Nikolajeva in Čehovljev's Sea-gull in 1998, and this year's award she won for the role of Antigona in the drama 'Antigona- the queen in Teba' by Tonči Petrasov Marović and produced by Matko Raguž. Her acting, according to the opinion of the jury, along with many other characteristics 'has confirmed an extraordinary power of intuitive ingenuity on the paths of subconscious'.

Judith - drama award by The Free Dalmatia daily paper

Ivan Repušić -  "successfully passed over 
to the whole ensemble

Despite this year's premiere of Norma and despite a great number of foreign solo-singers in the music part of the programme,  young conductor Ivan Repušić won the music Judith. His thorough and meticulous preparation of Nabucco, that was  first time performed last year, has exalted this performance to the extent that it also reflected quite a new spirit that Repušić successfully passed over to the whole ensemble.

Perisytle - drama award 
of The Morning Paper

Antigona - "harmony and excellence 
among all the present participants"

Antigona-queen in Teba, has also beenn noticed by the jury of The Morning Paper as a performance that had a strong echo and separated itself from the rest of the production for that essential step when an enormous effort of all the participants gets such contours that the feeling of  togetherness and concurrence of all key issues of the performance radiates from it. Those issues then easily pass on to the audience and to those who professionally evaluate the achievements of theatre acts and  they create the feeling of harmony and excellence among all the present participants.

Peristyle - music award of The Morning Paper

ScreenSaver - "do savršenstva uigrani ansambl KCDC"

When in 1999 for the first time Rami Be'er and his Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company appeared at the 45 th Split Summer Festival, they rumbled through it with their Aide Memoire like a thunder, leaving their hosts impressed with the artistic and technical level of their production. Therefore the award for their Screensaver is perhaps  just a compensation for the fact that their performance is even more powerful, and the synthesis of music, movement and choreographic design exemplary.